The Exterior. Up She Goes.

Well it is Friday and we wanted to show you the exterior. Cold, wind, snow, rain, it doesn’t stop LendLease our construction company from moving forward.  When we had some beautiful sun the past couple days before this last snow storm, the new exterior skin was being applied to the building.  This is a very difficult project as the entire outside is placed on the building like a puzzle.  We are excited to see it go up over the next several weeks and give the building that distinct architectural look it was meant to have.

The entire process of building a hotel and brand is sectioned out into phases.  Each phase has its scope of work and what is to be completed and when.  It may seem like you are jumping around but in the big picture these phases are all related to each other and have to be completed in order.

Architectural Design Godfrey Hotel Chicago

South side exterior Godfrey Hotel