Drill Baby Drill

The end of the week, Friday, we meet again and that means we walk the hotel construction site for #sitevisitfriday.  I wanted to take you back in the construction phase and explain a big factor in our build.  As you know the original construction of the building was years and years ago, we decided to make upgrades to the building to meet the needs of the hotel.  Step one to start those upgrades was to level every floor by pouring a new concrete floor.  Step two to this phase was then to core every floor for plumbing, electrical, etc… which is what we saw taking place today. This process has been completed on lower floors and they are now moving up floor by floor.

Before and After Of Concrete Pouring

Before Concrete Pouring Godfrey Hotel

After Concrete Pouring Godfrey Hotel

This process was very labor intensive and took some time to complete.  You probably saw truck after truck coming to the construction site for a few weeks earlier this year.

Concrete Trucks Godfrey Hotel

The team then took the concrete wheel borrow by wheel borrow up to each floor as a team poured it and leveled each floor.

Concrete Floor Leveling Godfrey Hotel

Concrete Pouring Godfrey Hotel

After each floor dried and settled over a period of time the coring began for all the piping to be placed in the hotel.  These are heavy powerful drills with incredible drill bits to cut these holes in the concrete.  The drill bits for coring ranged in size from 6 inches to over 1 foot.

Core Examples Godfrey Hotel

Here is the result from the drilling, these are called the cores.

Concrete Cores Godfrey Hotel

The end result with plumbing installed.

Core Plumbing Godfrey Hotel

Now to do this for each of our 221 guest rooms in the hotel, so now it is time to drill baby drill.