Fun In The Sun #sitevisitfriday

Office View 3_8_13 godfrey hotel

The sun was out for our #sitevisitfriday tour, we noticed some cool things taking place and want to share then with you.  The back side of the lower section of the hotel skin is up and complete.  Stay tuned for more outside skin being applied soon!

southern lower wall 3_8_13 godfrey hotel

After the skin was complete a little testing took place, in the video you can see water testing on the seams for leaks.

As if we were in London and you hear “Mind The Gap”.  On the construction site with the core drilling and holes being make it is “Mind The Holes”.  The team does a great job letting us know where there are holes.

mind the hole godfrey hotel

A great future guest room floor corridor.

guest room corridor 3_8_13 godfrey hotel

Graciously sized guest rooms. It expands to the right where you cannot see at the moment.

guest room shot 3_8_13 godfrey hotel

The old construction site sat for a long time so we needed to remove all the old fire proofing on the building and apply new.  Remember, safety is key.

fire proofing godfrey hotel

From all that core drilling, the valves for the plumbing are waiting patiently to be installed in each room.

waiting in line godfrey hotel

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!