What A View #sitevisitfriday

Today when we walked the property we decided since it was sunny out to show you the views from the hotel and wow are they beautiful.  In addition as you saw from last week, our walk had pictures of the lower back section of the hotel skin that was installed.  In keeping the project moving along we had new siding for the front of the building delivered.  It was a quick #sitevisitfriday but I can tell you the project is coming along very well.    We will start diving into branding and marketing more in the coming posts so stay tuned.

Have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day this weekend.

Front Framing Godfrey HotelFront of the building has been framed for siding.

New Siding Delivery Godfrey HotelNew siding delivery this week

On to the views….

North View N LaSalle Godfrey HotelNorth view looking up N LaSalle Street

W View Godfrey HotelW / NW Facing View

SW View Godfrey HotelW / SW Facing View

S View Godfrey HotelSouth view looking down N LaSalle Street

SE View Godfrey HotelS / SE Facing View

NE View Godfrey HotelNE Facing View