A Good #sitevisitfriday

On Good Friday last week we went to the site to see an update on the new hotel.  We can say it is definitely coming along and it was a beautiful day to see the city from our floors.  The process of development of the hotel has to happen in phases, with so many different teams working together it is important they all coordinate on each process.  Development and construction meetings take place weekly with updates to the team.  Stay tuned for an update on the front of the building with the outside skin being applied.

lone pipe

Now that the fire proofing is complete on the building a lone pipe sits where the hose was connected to the sprayer to deliver the product.

1st Floor Lobby

The lobby shot as of today.  This is going to be a great before shot for a before and after post.

Remember the Salamander Heaters? Here is one running up close, talk about some heat.

Door Way Frames

The door way to no where right now but eventually it will be the door ways to your awesome experience in our hotel.

Outside Corner Panels

Outside corner panels for the front of the building.


Corner panels being custom fit for the building, it is all about the measurements.

4th Floor Before

4th floor of the hotel where our meeting space and 4th floor urban roofscape will be at.

Bathroom Wall

Guestroom bathroom framing.

Shower Valve Installed

All those valves from a previous post you saw have been installed, here is the final product for the shower valves.

At The End Of The Copper Tunnel

Copper Piping – The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Oh The Lead

The lead that is used to seal the major plumbing in the building.  The team melts this and it is poured onto the pipes.

Scaffolding Back Wall

The 4th floor outside deck area with scaffolding installed to begin window installation.

Do Not Cut

Do Not Cut – Painted lines display where the support beams have been placed into one of the floors.

Cold Valves

An ice cold frosted valve from the oxygen tanks at the site for the workers equipment that utilizes them.