Big Changes #sitevisitgodfrey

It has been a while since we last posted a #sitevisitgodfrey post and wanted to keep you all up on the progress.  We have been busy on the property replicating the work completed on the lower floors in the building interior with framing, plumbing, etc… for the guest room floors.  We now have all the guest room floors from 5 through 16 being worked on.

As you have noticed if you walked by the hotel that the outer paneling of the building has been going up incredibly fast.  We now have windows on the guest room floors and windows on the east and west walls being installed.  The building on the North/South sides will have a total of 307 operable windows!  The West side of the building facing LaSalle will have windows on the entire side from the ground floor up to 16. We have started the process on floor 5 to enclose the guest room floors first.

A big part of a hotel building project as I have stated is working in phases and now most phases are in full motion.  Check out most of the update pictures below and enjoy some unique shots of the building.

South Side Of Building:

South Scaffolding Godfrey Hotel Chicago
 Scaffolding to install under section paneling on building

South Panels Looking Up Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Paneling being installed on South Side Upper Section

Guest Room Windows Open Godfrey Hotel Chicago
 Under paneling installed and windows in guest rooms.  Yes, our guest room windows do open.

Building Panels Godfrey Hotel Chicago
  Building paneling delivery waiting to be installed on the 4th Floor Roofscape.

A View From The Top:

Roof HVAC 2 Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Steel Installation for HVAC Equipment

Roof HVAC 3 Godfrey Hotel Chicago

South Facing View with Steel from Rooftop

Roof HVAC Godfrey Hotel Chicago

North East View from Rooftop

Beautiful South View Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Beautiful View of the City Skyline South Facing

16 Floors Down LaSalle Godfrey Hotel Chicago
16 Floors Straight Down looking at N. LaSalle

16 Floors Huron St Godfrey Hotel Chicago

16 Floors Straight Down looking at W. Huron St.

On The Inside:

West View with Truss Godfrey Hotel Chicago

West Facing Truss Joints

Truss Joint Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Truss Joints Facing South West

Service Elevator 16 Floors Down Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Service Elevator Cut-Out 16 Floors Down

Service Elevator Cutout Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Service Elevator Cut-Out

Guest Room Window Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Two Guest Room Windows

Floor Wiring Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Now that is a lot of wiring

HVAC Fan Godfrey Hotel Chicago

HVAC Fan, very industrial.

Electrical Outlet Putty Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Who knew they put that putty on the back of every electrical outlet

East Facing Glass Curtian Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Glass Wall Curtain Windows Facing East towards the Hotel Felix

The Glass Curtain Facing West:


Windows Delivered Sitting In Crate

West Facing Glass Window Size Godfrey Hotel Chicago

These are not your typical windows…

West Glass Curtain Installation Godfrey Hotel Chicago

The two man crew uses scaffolding lowered down and a huge 3 suction window holder to position each piece

West Glass Curtain Wall Installation Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Floor 5-7 complete, when complete this side of the building will have an amazing look.