The Autonomy of the Independent Hotelier

Our area general manager, George Jordan, recently published an editorial piece for Hotel News Now describing the myriad of responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of the independent hotelier. Jordan draws on 30 years of  experience managing hotels including The Drake, The Arizona Biltmore, The Raffaello Hotel and our neighbor, Hotel Felix.

George Jordan

Without the manpower of a brand to fall back on, boutique hotel managers are required to wear many hats, from IT services to customer relationship manager. Jordan recounts confronting a major technology snafu on his first day as general manager at The Raffaello Hotel:

My initial thought? Call information systems management and investigate. But there was no ISM. In fact, all 30 lines on the speed dial just rang to the front desk. I got a sinking feeling. What happens if we lose our T1 line? What if the fax line goes down? Who the heck am I going to call for help?

For more on Jordan’s learnings as an independent hotel key decision maker, please read on at Hotel News Now.