Check In Here

Welcome!  We’re pleased to share an update on our lobby – where you’ll check in and we’ll welcome you.   Many argue the hotel lobby is the most important space in a hotel.  We understand that thinking – it’s our first impression and last impression.  Plus, it is a common meeting and gathering place.  So needless to say, we get it.  And to no surprise, we’re sparing nothing on our lobby.

We look forward to greeting you in the lobby in February 2014!

Here’s a couple shots of our lobby, underway:

#SiteVisit - Lobby under construction

#SiteVisit – Lobby under construction

Working hard on the Godfrey's lobby

Working hard on the Godfrey’s lobby

Our lobby will include a chandelier as well – you can see the outline of it here:

Location for the Godfrey's chandelier

Location for the Godfrey’s chandelier