What Ladies Like When They’re On The Road – Site Visit

Today, we conducted a site visit to check out the latest and greatest at the hotel.  With so many changes happening, we could hardly decide where to focus.  But, we reflect back on the female guests and frequent travelers who we surveyed and questioned months ago about their travel preferences.

We consistently heard three requests for amenities in the room:

  1. Full length mirror
  2. Luxurious bathroom products
  3. Abundant counter space in the bathroom

We can now say:  Check, check and check.

First, we learned many ladies (and likely our gentleman too) want a full length mirror in the hotel room.  We certainly understand – even when you’re on the road, you still want to look stylish.  Here’s a look at the full length mirror:

You're looking good!  A picture of our full length mirrors.

You’re looking good! A picture of our full length mirrors.

Second, we know bathroom products matter.  Guests love quality products and L’Occitane delivers nothing short of a “beauty phenomenon,” as we’ve heard others say.   We previously blogged about how excited we are to offer these products in our guest bathrooms – you can view the blog post here.


Last, for the counter space, we heard many female (frequent) travelers say they preferred the extra counter space in the bathroom. The extra space allows them to set up their hair products and tools, along with their makeup bags and other needs.  The extra space (shown below) allows for at least two people to easily share the space with their travel kits and make up.

Enjoy, ladies!  And we know the male travelers won’t mind either.  Enjoy, all!

Abundant counter space for travelers.

Abundant counter space for travelers.