How The Godfrey Hotel Chicago Does Laundry

Today we want to show you something that people other than hospitality employees rarely get to see – the laundry room at a luxury hotel. It’s even more unusual because a lot of boutique hotels outsource their laundry services elsewhere.

At the Godfrey Hotel Chicago, we’re different in that we want to maintain high-quality linens and towels, and by keeping laundry in house, we can ensure that it’s done right and to our high quality standards. The washers and dryers you see below aren’t even the most interesting part!

Laundry Washing Machine

Washing machines in the laundry room at the Godfrey Hotel Chicago.

Laundry Dryer

A new laundry room dryer was installed recently.

We promised you earlier today on Instagram that we would tell you what the enormous machine below does, and trust us, you’ll want one in your own home. It folds laundry automatically! With the touch of a button, clean towels and linens are folded and prepped for guest rooms. Again, this is something many luxury hotels usually do not have in house, but because it keeps the supply of those fluffy towels and comfortable sheets replenished with ease, it sure is a gorgeous contraption.

Laundry Folding Machine

This gigantic machine folds laundry and towels automatically.