Q&A with UrbanBuddy’s Paul Brogna

You’re standing in  The Godfrey Hotel Chicago’s lobby with your friends, and you’re trying to decide where to eat dinner. Not one of you is from Chicago, so who do you ask for help? We have our in-person hotel concierge and our on-site touch screens to help you with these questions, but thanks to UrbanBuddy, you can now also download a unique, mobile concierge app directly to your phone.
The Godfrey Hotel Chicago's touch-screen concierge by UrbanBuddy creates a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Get more information about UrbanBuddy on The Godfrey Hotel Chicago touch screens. You can scan the QRC code to download the app.

We talked to UrbanBuddy’s Paul Brogna about the vision behind their company, and how it helps travelers get the most out of visits to new cities:

Q: How did UrbanBuddy come about? What was the inspiration? 
A: Our story began in Barcelona, Spain, where Pete and I spent a semester abroad in 2007 studying architecture. Barcelona is where we learned how valuable knowing a local really is, which became the catalyst to create UrbanBuddy. The inspiration came from one local named Keyan Pak, who was our go-to source for local information and really showed us the local way throughout our entire abroad experience.
Q: What are some of the best tips you would provide guests looking for something to do in Chicago? And in River North? We’ve noticed UrbanBuddy is great with hyper-local questions.  
A: UrbanBuddy is a resource for hyper-local and on-demand information. For guests looking for something to do in Chicago, I would recommend downloading the app and ask our expert locals! After all, the service is about real-time information and not based on reviews or static content. For the best tips on what to do in Chicago, ask your UrbanBuddy and chat in real-time.
Q: Why should guests try using UrbanBuddy?
A: I think The New York Times put it best: “[UrbanBuddy is] like an in-the-know friend whispering in your smartphone.” Every traveler has questions, needs and a desire to be wowed and to seek out a local’s perspective. UrbanBuddy provides travelers with the platform and community they need to find the best answers.
UrbanBuddy Co-Founders Paul Brogna (left) and Pete Stam (right).

UrbanBuddy co-Founders Paul Brogna (left) and Pete Stam (right).