A Caffeinated Idea Coming Soon

Coffee.  Java. Cup of Joe. Latte. Iced. Hot.  No matter how you take it or what you call it, coffee is an important part of the morning wakeup routine.  We certainly “get” that and we’re thrilled to offer an excellent choice in our Boston property: George Howell Coffee.

We want our guests to only experience the best when staying with us, and their coffee experience is no different.  As their mission statement says, “We buy the finest regional and single farm-sourced coffees for coffee lovers who share in our quest for the ultimate cup!”

Site Visit: George Howell Coffee

Site Visit: George Howell Coffee

And, as we said, we only want the best for our guests and it was rumored (thanks, Thrillist!) that George Howell makes the best iced latte.  But, we’ll let you be the judge when we open this fall.

Following is a sneak peek at the soon-to-be George Howell in our first floor.  More to come!