Every Detail Counts

To us, every detail counts as we continue to build our hotel.  We are paying close attention to areas we feel are the most important to our future guests, along with other details that just make for a pleasant, smooth experience.  Some may even go unnoticed to the leisure traveler as well – simply just elevating our hotel with luxurious touches.

The outside facade of our buildings are being restored and maintaining some of the original detail is important.  As previously mentioned in this post, our hotel will be a complete renovation and build of the historic Amory and Blake buildings.  We are restoring the outside of the buildings, including great attention to the architecture renovation.

We are working with Spillane, which has strong roots and history in building restoration throughout Massachusetts.  Spillane has been restoring architecture for decades including other projects for Harvard, Boston College, Boston University, YWCA and more.

In the following photo, you can see the ornate detail that Spillane is restoring.

Outside Architecture Restoration

Outside Architecture Restoration


A full view of the hotel’s restoration in progress, including the unique detail off the second floor, which is being conducted by Spillane.

More detail coming soon on our restoration and the main areas we’re focused on.  Stay tuned!