Add Tech to Your Stay

At The Godfrey, we’re all about high tech and high touch throughout the hotel.  Our Chicago property led the way with its cutting-edge technology and amenities.  We are proud to say our Boston property will boast a number of high tech offerings throughout the guest rooms and the hotel.

First, a look in the guest rooms and the guests will notice a number of tech advances, including but not limited to our mobile keyless room entry.  Guests who have a smart phone can simply download the app on their phone.  This makes entering the room easy, plus it is one less thing to carry when you’re out and about exploring Boston.  While on the phone, guests will also have the option of mobile accessible hotel services.

The room also has large 55 inch HD TVs and a high-quality bluetooth audio system.  The desks are designed with USB ports.  The room is set for a high-tech traveler on business or leisure travel.

Perhaps most importantly, we have invested in a state-of-the-art wireless / WiFi that’s fast and reliable, something that can be hard to find at other hotels.  Plus, have we mentioned it is free?  Yes, free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi.  That makes getting business finished at our hotel a little easier.

The Godfrey Hotel Boston Room