The Hub of the Universe

“The hub of the universe.”  That’s what William Filene once called the intersection of Washington Street, Winter Street and Summer Street.  We’re thrilled to say our hotel is then located right in “the hub of the universe” then!

While that may be a fun exaggeration, we certainly think the location in Boston’s Downtown Crossing is perfect for our future hotel guests and locals.  The area is bustling with activity throughout the day – including people headed to work, lunch or shop right in the heart of Boston.

Right on Summer Street, Winter Street and Washington Streets, you’ll find plenty of shops ranging from convenience stores to jewelry to books to music, along with street vendors and ample restaurants to check out.

Winter Street in Boston

Summer Street in Boston

The area also offers ample public transportation for our future guests, including the subway and bus lines near our hotel.

There’s also an entrance into Macy’s, which proudly hangs the American flags as well.  There’s no shortage of American pride and history in Boston.



We’ll continue to keep you posted on our area and the updates at our hotel.