How The Godfrey Boston Does Laundry

About this time two years ago we gave you a sneak peek in to how The Godfrey Chicago does laundry. Now it’s time for us to show you how things will be done in our Boston hotel as well. As we mentioned in 2013, this is rare insight as most luxury hotels won’t let you behind the scenes and it’s even more common for hotels to outsource their laundry services.

Godfrey Hotel Laundry Room

So why don’t we outsource our laundry services like mot other luxury hotels? We have high standards for everything, and we want to make sure our guests’ linens and towels meet those standards each and every time. To meet our standards, we rely on heavy-duty machines that can wash 500 pounds of laundry in 38 minutes and press a sheet in just 7 seconds. That means we can get our guests’ Frette linens cleaned and back to their rooms in record time.

Godfrey Hotel Laundry Toom

Our guests’ comfort is of the upmost importance to us, and fresh, clean linens are a key factor. We hope you’ll find them up to your standards during your future stay. Keep coming back for more behind-the-scene details leading up to our opening this winter.